StrongFirst kettlebell training

Better Stronger Faster is a kettlebell-based strength training club with classes across Greater Manchester.

We use an age-old tool, the iron kettlebell, to generate major gains in strength, flexibility, performance and overall good health across ourselves and our committed students.

We focus on helping the student Girevik (Russian for kettlebell lifter) to understand how to execute the kettlebell techniques and training in a safe and effective manner. We build on the tools and techniques used by the ‘Soviet Supermen’.

About BSF...


Strength starts with the kettlebell.

The kettlebell starts with Strongfirst© and Better Stronger Faster.

In line with the principles of the Strongfirst© organisation, instruction in strength training using the kettlebell is our passion and ongoing obsession.  We aim to develop students in the safe execution of kettlebell strength training, building a deep understanding of the techniques and applications of training.  With dedicated training, we’re confident that each student will see increased outputs in their strength training performance and, in terms of all areas of physical fitness, strength is the most highly prized.

All our instructors are qualified in kettlebell training by the Strongfirst© organisation, the world’s premier strength training organisation.  Strongfirst© specialises in the training of qualified and expert kettlebell coaches.

Our kettlebell classes aim to build understanding of the six essential kettlebell training techniques and help the students connect strength training with improvements across a range of areas.  We operate in a friendly and relaxed training atmosphere, truly building a community training experience suitable for everyone from busy professionals, to full-time mums and through to sport professionals.


18.00 - 19.00 every Tuesday

Training location: the NKM gym – Unit 1009, 1st Floor, Vernon Mill, Stockport, SK1 2HX



I started kettlebell training around 5 years ago... badly. Going into the gym and assuming I knew what a swing should look like, leaving the gym wondering why I was in pain, “It must have been those kettlebells” I told myself. “Swings must be causing it.” After that I didn’t touch a kettlebell for years until I heard of Strongfirst© and started on a one day course to learn the motions. I worked on training up for SFG 1 and once I started training with proper technique I never felt as bad as I used to. Over the course of my training I saw the differences it made towards other hobbies, such as Krav Maga and bouldering. After seeing the difference made with this tool I was hooked. It really does just make you better! I’d have the whole country try it if I could!


Phone: 07397 526 415


I’m a regular guy, 46 years young, window cleaner by day. My passions include snowboarding, mountain biking, BMX, Krav Maga & KETTLEBELLS!

I started ‘playing around’ with kettlebells a few years ago but really noticed a difference when I applied the Strongfirst© methods. Training with kettlebells has made a huge difference to work and play. I feel much fitter and stronger now than I was at 30!

I am qualified as an SFG Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor and also IKMF Civilian Krav Maga Instructor.

Phone: 07397 526 415

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If you wish to discuss the training, or book a place in class, please get in touch with our instructors today. We’re happy to help.